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  • Commerical and Residental Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Carpet steam cleaning is known as the deep cleaning method (recommended by the Wool Council Of Australia) and is the method we have found over the years to be the most successful in all areas,whether it be the removal of deep seated stains , the rejuvenation of synthetic and wool carpets and with the equipment we use the best removal of the dirt and grit that destroy carpet . In this process we use non petroleum based cleaning agents with no synthetic deodorants, this is very user friendly especially for those with respiratory difficulties .

  • Upholstery Steam Cleaning

    Upholstery steam cleaning is also a vital service that we offer, as with carpets it is important to maintain what is an expensive part of your household purchases, with regular cleaning prolonging the life of your furniture.

  • Cymex Encapsulation (Dry Cleaning)

    This form of cleaning is a maintenance clean for those looking to be able to use their premises not long after they have been cleaned. It is a surface clean and we recommend that a deep clean be performed at least once a year even if this maintenance clean has been performed several times during the year.

  • Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

    Tile and grout cleaning is another service that we offer and those tiles and grout lines with a load of ingrained dirt are left literally looking as new, an amazing result making the job of maintaining large tiled areas a lot easier.

  • Flooded Carpet Restoration

    We offer our clients an emergency service when and if they sustain water damage to their carpeted areas, we have available high volume airmovers and a dehumidifier to aid the recovery process as well as an inspect and advise service and with our truck mounted equipment we are able to remove large amounts of water very rapidly.

  • Leather Upholstery Cleaning and Protection

    Leather cleaning and protection is very important for those expensive leather suites, using the best of leather cleaning agents and leather dressing formulas we are able to help maintain your suite for you.

  • Floor Care (Vinyl)

    Floor care involves stripping and sealing vinyl in commercial and domestic situations, and advice as to the maintenance of various hard surfaces.

  • Colour Restoration

    With Colour Restoration, in the event of accidental bleaching or discolouration of carpets, we are able to offer a redying service and advise as to the likely outcome and cost. Where major fading has taken place i.e. sun damage, we are able to offer a service in some cases to restore the colour in these areas.


Here at Southcoast Carpetclean we believe in bringing only the best carpet cleaning solutions into your home, as such we are constantly upgrading our equipment. Our current truck mounted system was sourced from.

Whyte Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The equipment is operates via a "PTO" - meaning the main vehicle engine drives the carpet cleaning machine - rather then the machine having a separate engine providing power. The unique PTO system means our equipment is more reliable, fuel efficient and therefore environmentally friendly. The vehicle is some of the latest equipment from Toyota, powered by the latest in efficient diesel engines.

The Steam Cleaning Process

Steam cleaning is by far the most effective way to revitalise and deep clean carpets. Major carpet manufacturers recommend it and usually require it for warranty purposes. It should only be performed by a professional cleaner with full equipment training.

Our truck mounted system is extremely powerful. It alleviates the need to bring heavy equipment into your home or business and is healthier because dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside your home. Safe and non-toxic to people and pets, the process will thoroughly clean your carpets and other soft furnishings
Rug Steam Cleaning South Coast Rug Steam Cleaning Truck Mounted Steam Carpet Cleaning System